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Conservative and Oral-Surgery services

Composite or Amalgam filling - 500 Macedonian Denars

Tooth Extraction

- 500 Denars


Composite Crown (Chromasit) - 25 Euros
Ceramic Crown (Porcelain) - 50 Euros
Full removable denture - 100 Euros
Parcial classic removable denture - 100 Euros

Partial reduced removable denture with metal base

- 200 Euros


Removing of dental tartar and teeth polishing - 500 Denars



Our office has cooperation with the best orthodontists in the country, in order to give the best results to our patients. Please, contact our office for futher details.


Special oppurtunity for our patients !!

Dental services covered with Insurance from
National Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia - FZOM

Since 1990 , Dental Office "Duki-Lek" has an agreement from FZOM ( Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia ) to work with "blue card" - dental insurance that covers more than 80% of Macedonian population .

So, if You are covered with this insurance , You can use it in our office, conservative and oral-surgery services are covered with this insurance. You will save up to 80% from the original fee of the service .

Please, make a reservation by phone : +389 (02) 36-74-94 , or on our e-mail address :

Working hours: 08-20 every day , except Sundays .

Payment options :

In cash
With "MasterCard"
With "Dinners" Card

On 3 equal rates with cheques from any of Macedonian banks .